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Modern carpet flooring is full of new innovations. While this is great news for homeowners, it also leaves them with more considerations when purchasing new carpet. There are more features than ever, and each offers a unique benefit of its own. In this post, we’ll discuss one of the most common and innovative features of modern carpet: the R2X treatment.

What is R2X Carpet?

Textured carpet under a stool

R2X is a type of carpet treatment. It completely surrounds the fibers, protecting carpet yarns from top to bottom. Compare that to other treatments that only cover the carpet’s surface. It’s often applied during manufacturing but can also be applied after installation. So why treat your carpet with R2X?

Superior Stain Resistance

Dark patterned carpet

Plenty of manufacturers claim their carpet resists stains and makes cleaning a breeze. R2X makes that a reality for any carpet, especially Anso nylon. But how does it do it?

R2X’s protective coating prevents spills and stains from absorbing into the fibers. They are kept at the surface where they can be wiped away with ease. It’s especially effective at protecting polypropylene and polyester fibers, both of which naturally attract dirt and dust particles. However, it provides superior performance when used to treat nylon.


Patterned carpet in a bedroom

R2X also provides an extra layer of protection against fraying. This is one of the most common (and annoying) problems with carpet. Fraying damages the fibers, causes carpet to lose its shape, and fades the color over time. Yet, it also preserves the softness of carpet; R2X has no impact on the texture.

Designed to Last

Patterned brown carpet

Carpet that has been treated with R2X consistently lasts longer. Even better, R2X is designed to last the life of the carpet when applied during the manufacturing process. It provides years of protection, even in high traffic areas. Most carpet floors built with R2X are protected by warranties that last decades or even a lifetime.

Applying R2X

White patterned carpet

For some Shaw carpets (such as the Anso Nylon line), R2X is built into the carpet during the manufacturing process. This offers the most protection and ensures that it lasts the life of the carpet. However, any carpet floor can be treated with R2X.

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There are more flooring options and features than ever. If you’re ready to make an informed choice for your home, visit Hutchinson’s leading flooring experts at CarpetsPlus today!