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Tile and stone is among the most durable flooring selections available. So it may be a little surprising that it’s also among the most susceptible to damage from both dirt building and many conventional floor cleaners. Fortunately, a little regular maintenance goes a long way in protecting tile and stone floors. Here’s a quick look at how to care for your stone flooring and keep it looking great for many years to come.

Preventing Dirt in Porous Grout

The porous texture that comes naturally with the grout used for tile & stone is quite porous and can act as a trap for dirt. Unfortunately, cleaning these areas out can be difficult to do if they are not treated properly in advance. Attempting too fervently to clean out these areas can dull and even damage your grout, making your floors more susceptible to moisture leaks.

Grout sealer offers an easy solution. It doesn’t just sit and dry on the surface; it is actually absorbed by the grout’s material, becoming a part of it and protecting from within. It’s usually applied roughly a month after installation, although the instructions should be checked for a more precise time.

Daily Cleaning

As with most things, a little daily maintenance goes a long way. With tile and stone floors, you should sweep or vacuum daily to prevent small pieces of dirt and debris from building up (buildups can eventually dull and damage some stone flooring selections). Avoid using a vacuum’s beater bush, as it can also damage the floor’s surface.

Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance

Eventually, you’re going to want to take a mop to your tile flooring, but not just any detergent will do. Most conventional floor cleaners are too harsh for tile & stone flooring, causing even the most durable selections to lose their shine over time. They can also damage your tile’s grout if the pH level isn’t neutral. Fortunately, there are many cleaning agents designed specifically for stone flooring. Some are even more specific, such as detergents designed exclusively for porcelain tile.

Tile & stone surfaces tend to be slippery when wet, so it’s best to remove any remaining moisture right away rather than allowing it to air dry. Additionally, your tiles can lose their shine over time if excess water is allowed to settle without being wiped away.

Do this once per week using any cleaning agent approved for your specific flooring type, and your tiles will be good to go for many years to come.

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