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Anso nylon is setting a new standard as the premiere fiber used in carpet.

For years, nylon has proven itself as the top choice for quality carpet flooring. It consistently outperforms all other carpet selections in terms of durability, stain resistance and crush resistance.

Now, Shaw’s new take on this classic flooring selection enhances each of these fields even further.

What Is Anso Nylon?

Anso Nylon is an enhanced synthetic fiber used to manufacture carpet. While Anso has been around for a while, new innovations such as the R2X treatment give even nylon carpet more durability and soil resistance than believed possible before.

More Durable

Anso Nylon carpet (especially newer selections treated with R2X) have fibers that consistently hold up against abuse, even in high-traffic areas. Fibers simply won’t fray, and the vibrant colors that made nylon famous remain for years to come – no more fading!

Even the carpet’s style is resistant. Have you ever noticed that some carpet imprints become permanent in high traffic areas? This is called crushing, and Anso Nylon is designed to prevent it. On top of that, selections that feature SoftBac Platinum implement a backing that prevents wrinkling over time. Overall, it consistently proves more resilient than other leading fiber materials, whether natural or synthetic.

Needless to say, Anso Nylon maintains both its integrity and style for many years to come. In fact, many Anso Nylon lines, such as Paso Llano, offer full or partial lifetime warranties.

Easy Maintenance

Have you been leaning towards hard surface simply because carpet seems too difficult to clean? With Anso Nylon, you’re in luck! With the R2X treatment, the fibers are designed to repel moisture, completely preventing spills from soaking through. Even better, with the completely waterproof SoftBac Platinum backing, no spills will ever soak below the surface to the subfloor – they’ll remain sitting above until you can wipe away the mess with ease.

It’s also among our most pet friendly flooring options. Anso Nylon fibers are designed to repel not only moisture, but also soil and pet dander. So when pets coming charging in after playing in the yard, both their tracks and dander can be vacuumed away with ease.

Cleaner Indoor Air

Carpet has earned a reputation for aggravating allergy and asthma symptoms. However, Anso Nylon actually has the opposite effect: it can help filter your home’s air. When dust, pollen, dander and other allergens eventually settle, they become trapped under the carpet’s fibers. As we’ve mentioned before, Anso Nylon is designed to prevent these particles from becoming embedded so they can be vacuumed away with ease, rather than getting kicked back into the air. Just be sure to vacuum at least once per week. For best results, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter.

Comfortable Feel

The great thing about the R2X treatment? It maintains the softness of Anso Nylon, which remains top-rated among carpet selections. Even better, that soft texture lasts not just for years, but (in most cases) decades. It’s rare to find a carpet line that maintains such an exceptional level of comfort for so long.

Trendy Styles

Yes, Anso Nylon’s durability is largely derived from the twist-lock system used during manufacturing. However, this construction certainly doesn’t limit the availability of styles. Nylon in general (and especially Anso Nylon) offers a larger choice of colors than most other carpet selections. Also, many styles are available in a variety of textures. Just have a look at Dismount and Yearling as a few of the many options to choose from.

Eco Friendly

Although synthetic, Anso Nylon carpet is completely recyclable. This includes the entirety of the yarn stitched into each fiber as well as the backing itself. This remains consistent with all Anso Nylon carpet lines. It has also been certified by the Scientific Certification Systems for using manufacturing content that contains at least 25% recycled materials. See Beautiful Mover and Percheron as stylish examples of our most Eco-friendly flooring.

Learn More

To learn more about Anso Nylon carpet, browse a variety of selections or to get expert advice for the best flooring for your home, visit CarpetsPlus COLORTILE of Hutchinson today!